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Terms Of Services

【Note】 Please read the following of contents (be careful the bold font of contents.). If you does not agree any Terms of Service, please do not register or use the gbjobs service. If you enter the register and check the "I accept the users agreement gbjobs”, that mean you and Gbjobs, has reached an agreement and agree to the following terms. After that the users may not have any defenses

1. Recognition and acceptance of the Terms of Service

Services related to the Gbjobs as well as related software products, proprietary intellectual property of Gbjobs. Gbjobs services provided by the company to be issued in accordance with its Articles of Association, terms of service and operational rules strictly enforced. The terms of service scope and effectiveness of the company is on the job all the products and services, users enjoy a paid job of any of the individual services should be bound by the Terms of Service.

When you using service of Gbjobs, mean that you agree to the Terms of Service and service bulletin issued.

2. Gbjobs Services

Gbjobs provide the services to customer using the operating system through the Internet. Users must:

(1) Provide of equipment, such as personal computers, mobile phones or other Internet device.

(2)  Personal Internet access and payment of costs associated with this service.

Products and services taking into account the importance of gbjobs, user agrees:

(1) Providing immediate, detailed and authentic personal information.

(2) Update registration information, with immediate, detailed and authentic requirements. All the original type of data will be used for registration information.

If you provide inaccurate, false or useless information, Gbjobs reserves the right to cancel the user account. Provide accurate personal information, account and identity, as evidence. When users using the Gbjobs service, also received various types of information services of Gbjobs.

3. Terms of service changes

Gbjobs has the right to issue announcements on the page to modify this Terms of Service and the relevant provision of the services. Users enjoy the services, you need access to modify the content and terms of service and comply with the relevant provisions of the service. If users continue to use the terms of service related services, it agreed to modify the terms of service; When the user does not agree to modify the content of the right to stop using the terms of service for services.

4. Change or Discontinue services

Gbjobs reserves the right to change or discontinue services. Users agree that golden rice bowl has the right to exercise these rights and does not require the user or third party liable.

5. User privacy system

GBjobs.com Limited (Gbjobs) is a subsidiary of Netel Technology (Corporation) Limited. We operate recruitment business in Hong Kong, China, and other regions. Apart from being subject to the legal regulations of these areas, our company also have a legal obligation to all our clients, including employers, jobseekers, and partners to protect their personal information. Below are the relevant rules and commitment.

(1) All the personal data collected, including name, address, email address, phone number, age, gender, profession, salary, education, marital status, et cetera, is mainly for recruitment purposes. Our company promise that all the information will only be utilized by GBjobs.com and its associate companies. Personal data will not be used for other purposes.

(2) Every employee who comes into contact with relevant information are required to sign a “computer use policy” in order to assure that every employee is in line with the company’s rules and regulations.

(3) Our company will do our utmost best to keep private information safe. We will also delete any relevant information upon written request.

(4) When job seekers provide us with their contact information (e.g. phone, address, email) through any means (e.g. computer, phone, GBjobs shop, recruitment car), they are thereby allowing GBjobs to share relevant information with them through the means provided by them, until notified otherwise.

(5) Opt out
If you choose not to receive our business news, you can contact us via mail or email:

Address : Flat C, 9/F. Max Share Centre, 373 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Email: ads@gbjobs.com

(6) GBjobs will update and improve upon our privacy policies from time to time. We suggest you regularly check our website for the latest policies.

6. User Account, Password and Security

When you successfully registered as a user, then you will receive a password and account number. If the user does not protect your account number and password, so other users, Gbjobs or third-party damage, the user will bear all responsibility.

7. Refused to provide guarantees and Disclaimer

User expressly agrees Gbjobs the risk of service user personal commitment. Gbjobs pass account and services to "existing" state available to the user, Gbjobs not provide any type of guarantee, whether explicit or implied. Gbjobs security services will not meet user requirements, security services will not be interrupted, Gbjobs the timeliness of service, safety, authenticity, and that mistakes do not occur as guarantee. Gbjobs not provide any guarantee, including whether the information accurate, timely and smooth transfer. Users understand and accept the download or to obtain products and services through Gbjobs any information depends on the users themselves, and take the system damage, data loss, and any other risks. Gbjobs online services get any shopping services, transaction process, jobs are not guaranteed. Users will not receive from Gbjobs oral or written advice or information, Gbjobs not be clearly guaranteed.

8. Disclaimer

Gbjobs direct, indirect, incidental, special and following the damage from irresponsible, the damage from: Improper use of products and services, in-line purchase of goods or similar services, online transactions, illegal use of service or the user transmission information subject to change. The damage will lead to Gbjobs tarnished image, so Gbjobs already made the possibility of such damages.

Gbjobs inside and outside of the service involved in the carriers of mobile communication network failure, technical defects, coverage restrictions, acts of God, computer viruses, hackers, user location, user shutdown or other non-gbjobs technology service interruptions caused by the user to send the short message content is lost, garbled, error receiving, not receiving, receiving not responsible for the delay.

9. Prohibition of commercial services

User commitment, non get Gbjobs agree not to use the services Gbjobs sale or other commercial purposes. If users need the service for business purposes, and authorized in writing Gbjobs.

10. User Management

Users to publish content to bear the responsibility alone. Users must comply with all laws applicable to service local, national and international laws. User commitment:

(1) Users to post information or use Gbjobs Gbjobs the service must meet the Chinese law, shall not Gbjobs services on or use of Gbjobs produce, reproduce, publish, transmit the following information:

(a) Violation of the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(b) Endangering national security, leaked state secrets, subverts the government, undermining national unity;

(c) Harm national honor and interests;

(d) Incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;

(e) Destruction of national policies on religion, propagating evil cults and feudal superstition;

(f) Spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;

(g) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigate crimes;

(h) Insult or slander others, infringe the legal rights of others;

(i) Inciting illegal assemblies, associations, marches, demonstrations, gathering crowds to disturb social order;

(j) Illegal activities in the name of civil society organizations;

(k) Contains the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content.

(2) Users to post information or use Gbjobs Gbjobs the service must comply with other relevant national and regional law and the relevant provisions of international law.

(3) Users shall not use the services paid job in the following Gbjobs:

(a) Without permission, into the computer information network, or use the computer information network resources;

(b) Without the permission of the computer information network functions to delete, modify or increase;

(c) Without the permission of network access to computer information storage, processing or transmission of data and applications to delete, modify or increase;

(d) Intentionally spreading computer viruses and other destructive programs;

(e) Other harm the network security.

(4) Users shall not in any way interfere with Gbjobs services.

(5) Users must not abuse Gbjobs services, including not limited to: use of mail services provided Gbjobs send spam, use of services against others, intellectual property rights or legal interests.

(6) Users must comply with all the requirements and procedures Gbjobs.

Users need to use Gbjobs services for their acts of liability. Users assume liability Xingshibuxian in: Compensation for being the aggressor, and Gbjobs undertaken by users first acts of administrative punishment or a result of tort damages, the user should be given equal amount of compensation paid job company. Users understand that, if Gbjobs found that the site clearly belongs to the transmission of information of paragraph (1) terms, according to Chinese law, NetEase obliged to immediately stop the transmission, keep the relevant records, reports to the relevant state authorities, and delete the contents of the address containing the directory on or off the server.

Users Gbjobs electronic bulletin board services, including electronic bulletin board, whiteboard, electronic forums, chat rooms and message boards to interact with the form of Internet users conduct information release conditions, must also comply with the provisions of this section and will be dedicated to release Gbjobs electronic bulletin board service rules, described in the previous paragraph and the legal consequences of liability also apply to electronic bulletin board service users. If the user's behavior does not meet the above mentioned terms of service, Gbjobs will make an independent judge to immediately abolish user services account.

11. Guarantee
Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of Gbjobs, responsible for the payment by the users beyond the scope of services due to legal fees, violation of terms of service compensation for the damage, other people use the user's computer, account for costs incurred.

Users or other persons using the user account the process of making games and other infringement of third party intellectual property rights are infringed claims caused by the users responsibility.

12. Termination of service

User or Gbjobs may at any time terminate the service according to actual conditions. Gbjobs the right to unilaterally terminate without notice to users of one or more services; user the right to unilaterally terminate without notice unilateral acceptance of service.

When the user end of the service, users paid job immediately terminate the right service. Since then, Gbjobs not undertake any obligation to users.

Users acknowledge and agree that service changes, suspension of business decisions and end are the contents of NetEase. Users shall not service, alter, suspend or end the requirement Gbjobs continue to provide services or undertake any form of compensation responsibility.

13. Notification

Issued a notice to all users via e-mail, letter or web site notice prominently way for delivery. Gbjobs by the way the message is passed to the user, informing them of changes to terms of service, service changes, or other important things.

14. Participate in Advertising

Gbjobs permits users to publish information in their promotional materials to add or take part in advertising campaign, of the various services to display their products. Any such promotional methods, including the transport of goods, payment, services, business conditions, warranties and a description of the advertising is just advertising in the corresponding user and between vendors. Gbjobs no responsibility, no obligation to bear any part of such advertising sales responsibility.

15. All rights content

Content definition includes: Text, software, sound, photographs, video, graphics; all the contents in advertisements; e-mail system, the entire contents; Gbjobs virtual community services to provide users with business information. All these elements belong to Gbjobs, and are subject to copyright, trademark, patent and other property ownership laws. So users and advertisers can only Gbjobs authorization to use such content, but not unauthorized copying, recycling of these elements, or create content-related derivative products.

16. Law

This provision is applicable to China law, and exclude all applicable laws and regulations conflict.
If disputes arise, users and Gbjobs agreed to refer the dispute to the jurisdiction of Cantonese Tianhe District People's Court.

17. Information storage and related intellectual property rights

Gbjobs on all services will try to pass on to maintain their safety and convenience, but the information appears on the service (not limited to information published by users) do not delete or failure to store any liability. In addition Gbjobs reserved determine whether the behavior of the user terms of service requirements and rights, if the user violates the Terms of Service, Gbjobs the right to terminate or to terminate the services of their paid job number.

Gbjobs of services, regardless of the user or users to get original authorization of the copyright or reproduced works of the behavior of users to upload would mean that user or user agent authorized by the copyright owner to upload Gbjobs work on that free perpetual irrevocable right to use the and earnings power, but the user or the original copyright owner retains copyright on the set.

18. Young users, especially tips

Users must comply with the National Youth Network Civilization Convention:

To be good at e-learning, not from bad information; to be honest and friendly communication, fraud is not an insult to others; to enhance self-protection awareness of users is not arbitrary date; to maintain network security, does not destroy the network order; to improve the health, not wallowing in the virtual space .

19. Gbjobs account the effective date

Users well aware of the existence of valid Gbjobs account, and agree not to use Gbjobs account login regularly to extend its validity.

(1) If the user's Gbjobs account for 90 days without login, Gbjobs the right to terminate the user's mailbox and delete the contents of the mailbox, while the right to delete the account Gbjobs;

(2) If the user's Gbjobs account for 90 days without login, Gbjobs the right to terminate the user's mailbox and delete the contents of the mailbox; If the account is not logged 540 days straight, then the account last login date of expiration of the first 540 days 24 hours set aside, Gbjobs the right to delete the account.

When account is deleted, the account all the information as well as all the services related to the account data and the data will also be deleted, without restore. The account name may be new user registration.

20. Statement of Rights

Gbjobs not to exercise, failure to exercise or full exercise of this provision or in accordance with the rights of law should not be considered as waiver of such right does not affect the Gbjobs the future exercise of that right.

The maximum extent permitted by law, Gbjobs reserves the final interpretation of the terms of service.

If users have any questions about this article, please call customer service hotline (TEL: 852 2510 0200) or visit Help center inquiries.